We have created this simple, yet effective iframe generator for the fast generation of iframe codes. This is not just for newbies, but for seasoned users as well... it takes the thought out of coding your iframe - there are so many more important things to think about when developing a site, you can think about them while generating an iframe automatically. We hope you find this iframe tool useful.

iFrame Generator Script

Generate an iframe the easy way

iframe Code Generator:

Use this tool to generate your own iframe code the easy way. You can customize the behaviors easily. Only the first three fields are required to create an iframe. The others are optional and may be left blank.

Required Enter info Attribute
Yes infoSource URL
Yes pixels percent height (default is pixels)
Yes pixels percent width (default is pixels)
Optional Attributes below this point... (can be left blank)
No infoEnter your no frames text.
No No border Border Frameborder (default is a border)
No Scrolling No Scrolling auto Scrolling
No infoName
No infoid
No infomarginheight
No infomarginwidth
No infolongdesc
No infotitle
No infoclass

All fields for optional attributes may be left blank.

Your iframe source code will appear above.


Can I use the "Align" attribute.

The "align" attribute is being deprecated by the folks at W3C - the official standards organization for the World Wide Web.

Can I embed an iframe within an iframe?

Yes. You can use an iframe to contain sub-iframes. There are some translation pages which use this. Here is an example:

Translation Polish

They use nested iframes.

Can I load another page at say, the halfway mark?

Yes, if it is on your domain and you have access to the code. Simply insert an anchor tag and direct the iframe to open there.

See our example on our samples page.